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To keep your pool or snooker cue performing at its peak and looking great, you'll want our Q-Wiz Original-the most advanced system for cue shaft conditioning.

Tip - Remember you can clean these and reuse them, just use soapy warm water - clean regulary to get the most out of this product!

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  1. Warren Ackary
    28th Aug 2015

    The best!
    just got one of these and am happy I did!
    Q Wiz did a brilliant job cleaning my cue shaft. Forget wet and dry, brown paper or a damp cloth..... Get one of these from Cue World, you won't be dissapointed.
  2. Unknown
    1st Jul 2015

    The best thing I have used to keep my cue smooth
    . Doesn't damage your shaft and stops the need for gloves or powder to maintain that smooth feel . Recommend u try it
  3. Lyndall Hulley
    17th Jun 2014

    Great Product
    Q Wiz is awesome for a quick clean & polish of your cues. Whether that's before or during a match. Its a double sided disc that is perfect for conditioning your cue. 1 side is used for cleaning the other for polishing.

    Give it a quick clean with the rough side & then turn it over to polish it. Makes your cue feel like new in a matter of a minute or 2 & you don't have to worry about damaging or reducing the diameter of your shaft as it is not like using sandpaper or other abrasives.

    F-or best results clean your cue with a damp cloth or other cue cleaning products first. This product is a must have for any cue case.

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