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Moosehead Bridge Head

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This bridge head, in the shape of a moose's head, slips over any pool cue, turning it into a bridge.

Pick the 'antler' that works best for your shot -- you have 9 different positions to choose from.

Throw this convenient bridge in your case, and you will never be at the mercy of an unfamiliar, or MISSING, one.

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  1. Warren Ackary
    5th Sep 2015

    I found this a very handy addition to keep in the cue case.. you just never know when you will get one of those difficult situations.
    Simply pull the rest out of your case, slid it over a cue and bam! You are ready to get out of that situation and you can store it away again without it taking up space.
    A must to keep in your cue case!

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