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Kamui Black SS Pool Cue Tip 14mm

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Kamui Black Super Soft

KAMUI™ Black tip is designed to add more spin to the cue ball. In addition to the benefits of KAMUI™ Original, the player can put more spin to the cue ball with relatively slower speed of the pool cue. The elasticity of the black leather absorbs the momentum of the cue so as to propel the cue ball with desired spin.

(SS) Super Soft - Extraordinarily soft in hardness and gives the least deflection to the cue ball’s path. It works well with a cue with high deflection. The contact time between the cue ball and the tip is the longest of the other hardnesses and the player can convert the momentum into spin with decreased deflection. Suggested for the advanced player on new cloth at a tournament.


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  1. Joe Minici
    17th Jun 2014

    Very Good Tip
    I have tried the brown and black Kamui tips and I found the tips very easy to shape and there playing properties are good for all shots. The black tips don't hold chalk as well as the brown ones but there still OK.

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