Darts, the game/s explained and tools of the trade.

dartboard-diagram.pngHere we have a simple Bristle board for Steeltip darts, the sections pointed to are the biggest scoring area's and can be alot of fun when playing. The main game is 501, this is open in double out so that means you throw at the board and come down progressively intil you need for exampl 40 which is double 20. Once you hit that your score is 0 and the game is finished.

cuesouldartboardsurround.jpgThis is what is called a Dartboard Surround, it looks cosmetic but indeed it does help when there is a wayward dart that may hit the wall! A surround is definately a must have with any Bristle board for the home or venue.

A portable dartboard stand.. for steeltip bristle boards. A functional stand which actually can be used both indoors and out! 


A Dart Anatomy- note that this is a soft tip dart with a steel tip conversion point in it to play either on a Bristle Board of a Soft Tip Board.



The various points that are used in the game of darts.

The first image is a groove point for Steeltip, the second image is a Nylon Tip for Soft Tip.



The soft tip points can be changed over and over due to thier short life span-we have 100's in stock. The Steeltip points last alot longet ue to the syle of board (soft bristle).

The Soft Tip Dart Console-here we have the award winning Phoenix4 Soft Tip Dart Console. Like other machines on the market this can be played in a venue against a friend or in can be played against others around the world (we call it "Global"). Did you now that 300,00 people play Phoenix Globaly? That is how popular the game of soft tip is and it grows everyday.


The games that can be played on the Phoenix4 are numerous! however the most popular games ar 701, 501 and Cricket (Cricket is an excellent game of stratagey and VERY popular in Global play). The benefits of playing on a console like this is it not only counts down for you, it shows you how to finish a game on the monitors, there are options to go back a throw (at times where there is an error) and the best part if, the family can play and its great fun.

Spread the joy of darts, this sport that we all love, through awareness and support of soft tip and steel tip, both at the casual and competitive level.

Darts has always been an adult structured game in both codes and it is always recommended that children who play be supervised at all times.




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