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OB Lift Pro Jump Cue

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Does your game need a Lift?

Introducing the OB Lift Pro jump cue:

  • 13mm OB Jump Tip
  • Patented laminated maple ferrule
  • North American maple shaft
  • 3/8x10 wood to wood joint
  • 18" two piece butt construction
  • Micro 3/8x10 jump joint
  • Midnight blue stain
  • Average OB Lift Pro jump cue weight is 9.5oz to 10oz

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Raymond Linares Jump Cue Test SBE 2014

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    Raymond Linare...
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    The New 'Lift'...

Product Reviews

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  1. Warren Ackary
    5th Nov 2015

    OB Cues great Jump Cue
    Started using this bad boy.. I found the OB Lift Pro Jump Cue very light and easy to handle. Its great to use a jump cue that you can and screw the extension and use for dart shots over a short distance and the screw it back on to play over a long distance if desired. Very strong ferrul and Phenolic Tip to make life easier. I found that it jumped over a ball that was close to the cue ball very easy, the design of the cue makes the jump shot easy.
    For those who are looking for a jump cue for all distances and be ergonomically great, give this cue a try.
  2. Greg Jenkins
    4th Jul 2014

    Another great OB product.

    Having tried the OB Lift Pro Jump Cue, I have to say it is definitely one of the best jump cues I have ever used. It is very light and feels extremely easy to hold and it allows me to get a really good feel for each jump shot. Whether it is a close shot or at a distance, the OB Lift allows you to clear the intervening ball comfortably. The OB Lift Pro comes with an extension to use when playing long jumps so that you can use the jump cue in a naturally stroking action. I highly recommend everyone to try either the OB Lift or the OB Lift Pro jump cues and realise how easy it is to jump a ball.

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