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EXtreme Tip Tool

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This solid aluminum 5-in-1 tip tool has all you need to play your best game. 

Tapper: Creates pockets and scuffs on your tip's surface for better chalk absorption and can also be used to scuff a badly glazed tip. 
Dime Shaper: Shapes and scuffs your tip to a perfect dime (9.1mm) radius. 
Nickel Shaper: Shapes and scuffs your tip to a perfect nickel (10.5mm) radius. 
Trimmer: Corrects mushrooming by trimming your cue tip to within 0.010" flush with the ferrule. 
Burnisher: Hardens and polishes the sides of your tip flush with the ferrule. 

Available as a single in 5 colors: Blacktastic, Badass Blue, Gotcha Gold, Luscious Lime, and Passion Pink. 

Replacement abrasive pads are also available.


Product Reviews

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  1. Unknown
    18th Apr 2017

    Very useful tip tool
    This tool is very effective in shaping and maintaining the condition of your cue tip.
  2. Gav "CollyWobble" Vonderwall
    17th Dec 2014

    Extreme tip tool
    I have changed numerous tips in past and never had any tools to do the job right. I recently purchased the extreme tip tool and now can get my tip looking and playing great. Gone are days of using sandpaper and taking large amounts of time to work on the tip as this tool does everything. If you change tips often I recommend getting your hands on this tool...

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